Carveco Software Comparison

The Carveco range of design and manufacturing products have been designed to serve the needs of solo makers right through to creative professionals large and small. Here you’ll find a detailed breakdown of every feature included in Carveco Maker Plus and Carveco. If you’re unsure of which Carveco product may meet your specific needs and requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have around any of our products.

Model Resolution

Carveco Maker Plus Logo
Carveco Maker Plus
Carveco Logo
Maximum Model Resolution (points) 2000 x 2000
4000 x 4000

Bitmap Tools

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Bitmap Editing
Adjust Resolution
Bitmap Layers

Vector Tools

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Vector Editing
Mirror, Trim, Block-Copy Rotate
Vector Doctor
Clip, Spline, Fill, Outline
Vector Layers
Basic Offset
Vector Library
Envelope Distortion
Vector Sheets
Advanced Offset
Vector Shadow

Text Tools

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Create Text
Text On a Curve

3D Design Tools

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Relief Clipart Library
Scale Relief
Smooth Relief
Invert Relief
Relief Boundary
Magic Wand
Zero In/Out to Vector
Remove Small Holes
Paste Relief
Preview Relief
Create Mesh
Relief from Greyscale
Sculpting: Smooth
Sculpting: Erase
Sculpting: Deposit
Sculpting: Carve
Shape Editor
Weave Wizard
Texture Relief
Turn Tool
Spin Tool
Fade Relief
Relief Cookie Cutter
Shading Parameters
Calculate Surface Area
Scale to Volume
Add Draft
Greyscale from Relief
Relief Mirror-Merge
Paste Relief On Vector
Face Wizard
Two Rail Sweep
Relief Offset
Slice Relief
Create Ring
Constant Height Lettering
Back Reliefs
3D Blend
Contour Blend
Create Cross Section
Relief Layers
Advanced Sculpting Tools
Angled Plane
Relief Analysis Tools
Envelope Distortion
Texture Flow
Latent Imaging

2D Machining

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Drilling & Peck Drilling
V-Bit Carving
Inlay Wizard
Bevel Carving
Custom Model Origin
Bridges (Breakout Tabs)
Ramping Moves
Final Pass Cut
Texture Machining
Guillotine Cuts
Toolpath Templates
Toolpath Panelling
Toolpath Ordering
Advanced Profile Options
Batch Calculate Toolpaths
Toolpath Merge/Copy/Transform
Edit Toolpath Parameters
Raised Round
Fluted Weave
Smart Engraving

3D Machining

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Raster & Classic Raster (X&Y)
Spiral In A Box & Classic Spiral In a Box
Roughing Raster
Offset Raster
Ramping Moves
Support For Laser Machines
Advanced Raster & Advanced Raster (X&Y)
Toolpath Transform (Project, Drop)
Advanced Spiral & Advanced Spiral In a Box
Constant Z
3D Offset
3D Offset Spiral
3D Offset Inside
Z-Level Roughing
Feature Machining
Surface Links
3D Cutout
3D Rest
Flip Machining
Ring Machining
3D Printing
3-Axis Rotary


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Machining Simulation
Custom Shading Options
Simulation Options
Material Colour Simulation
Save/Copy To Relief Layer

Carveco Supported File Types